Records Management Consultant
Alden Stevens
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Providing Professional Municipal Records Management  Services in New York State Since 1990.
Specializing in the management of Paper Records:
"Don't digitize, Organize!"

I am Alden Stevens.  For more than two decades I have been addressing the records organization needs of large and small governments as well as private businesses throughout New York State.​

My clients include Counties, Cities, Towns, Villages School Districts, Police Departments, Justice Courts, as well private businesses and professional corporations.

I specialize in reorganizing inactive record storage areas--the vaults, basements, attics and closets where records have been accumulating for decades.

It's not glamorous work, but--like the man who comes to clean out your septic tank--if you need me, you'll be happy to know I exist!

After a devastating fire and decades of accumulated chaos, we didn't think anyone could help us, but Alden cheerfully and unobtrusively reorganized our records .    
Now we know what we have, and can find it in minutes instead of days.  --Kareen Tyler, Town Clerk, Village of Saranac Lake, NY
"Making order out of chaos in Schools, Cities, Towns, Villages, Police Departments and Justice Courts since 1990..."
Now offering these services in the state of Florida!