Records Management Consultant
Alden Stevens
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Providing Professional Municipal Records Management  Services in New York State Since 1990.
Specializing in the management of Paper Records:
"Don't digitize, Organize!"
Inactive Records Organization Services:
​•  Evaluation and Reorganization of paper records stored in inactive records storage areas.

•  Identification of Obsolete Records (as determined by state and federal regulations).

•  Elimination of Obsolete Records.

•  Boxing or Re-boxing Existing Records.

•  Box labeling.

•  Destroy Dating (to facilitate future disposition).

•  Inactive Records Storage Area Development.

•  Electronic Indexing of retained records.

•  Business Process Analysis  (A global evaluation of all records management policies).

•  Access and Retrieval Filing Strategies:  Filing systems in active office areas

•  Inventory of Records (identifies specific records series in each office or department).

•  Life Cycle Evaluation (Tracks the creation, use, and eventual disposition of specific records series.)

•  Development of Specific Records Management Policies ( User-specific recommendations.)

•  Development of a codified Records Management Plan.  (Long-term management discipline.)

  Staff Training and Empowerment.  (Arms your employees with tools and confidence.)

•  Needs Assessment  (Identifies current problems, anticipates future issues, and makes recommendations to address these issues.
Government Records Organization Services at a glance:
Active Records Organization Services: