Records Management Consultant
Alden Stevens
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Providing Professional Municipal Records Management  Services in New York State Since 1990.
Specializing in the management of Paper Records:
"Don't digitize, Organize!"
Project cost-determining variables include:
•   Whether you are grant funded or self-funded.

•   The size of your municipality or business.

•   The volume of records that need to be addressed. 

•   The geographical location of your municipality or business.

•   The complexity of the records series for which you are responsible.

•   The number of employees you have.

•   The years you have been incorporated.

•   The architecture of your active and inactive records areas.

•  The scope of existing problems.

•  The goals you have in mind.
Usually the best thing to do is to start a dialogue.  After I have a preliminary grasp of the nature of your problem and the solutions that appeal to you, the costs to address them usually define themselves in short order.
As a general rule of thumb, the reorganization of an inactive records storage area costs between 
$3,000 for a small municipality to $50,000 or more for a large county or city.

Since this process usually doubles the available storage space in existing rooms, this represents a fraction of the cost involved in the construction of new inactive records storage areas.
Cost of Services:
I do not play "hide and seek" with pricing, but as you might expect, the costs of these services are highly context-specific.
I am not a large corporation, nor do I aspire to be.  
If you hire me, you get me, not an "associate."