Records Management Consultant
Alden Stevens
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Providing Professional Municipal Records Management  Services in New York State Since 1990.
Specializing in the management of Paper Records:
"Don't digitize, Organize!"
Since inception of the LGRMIF in 1991, I have participated in over 60 LGRMIF-funded municipal records management projects throughout New York State.  

My menu of LGRMIF-funded services includes, but is not limited to:

•  Grant Writing:  For grant-supported projects that will utilize my services, I help write the LGRMIF grant application.  This service is negotiated on an individual basis, but usually I do not charge a fee.  

•  Records Inventory Projects:  Usually an "inventory of existing records" is the first step in addressing municipal records management concerns.  When retained to service projects of this sort, I always strive to exceed the parameters of the grant application.  Often I can accomplish enough in the first grant cycle to make additional grant support unnecessary, which is both cost and time efficient.   

•  Active Records "Access and Retrieval" Projects:  Since my process is both gentle and "hands-on," I craft active records management policies that work.  I am not interested in promoting an idealized or "one-size-fits-all" solution.  I take into account the architecture of your building, the personality of your municipality, and the liabilities and assets of the individuals who actually use the records before recommending a solution.

•  Inactive Records Projects:  I take special pleasure in addressing the problems associated with neglected inactive records storage areas.  The bigger the mess, the more I like it.  When I am finished organizing an inactive records storage area, my client knows what they have, where to go to find it, and what to do to maintain this order in the future.

•  Disaster Preparation Projects:  Flood, fire, earthquakes:  Sudden events that can damage your records or destroy their organization.   Funding exists to establish Disaster Response Plans

•  Needs Assessment Reports

•  Records Management Plans

New York State "Local Government Records Management Fund" (LGRMIF) Grant Projects: